Compliance & Standards

Mission Statement

Amphenol Australia, as part of the global Amphenol International Industrial Operations Group (AIIO) within Amphenol Corporation, is a leading provider of interconnect systems specialising in connectors and cable assemblies for professional audio, power, signal and aerospace, as well as single and multicore fibre optic terminations and harnesses for signal transmission in telecommunications and aerospace applications.  We develop our high-quality products in close cooperation with our key customers worldwide and together with our partner Amphenol sister divisions have production facilities in all of the important global markets. Via our local resources and our international network, we can strongly support our customers both locally and overseas with sales and specialist professional engineering services.

Environmental Policy

Amphenol Australia is committed to reducing the burden on the environment by a programme of continuous improvement. This includes working towards eliminating all substances that are harmful to the environment, or where this is not possible, reducing their impact to an absolute minimum.

We will strive to meet or exceed the requirement of International laws, where we believe them to be sound environmental practice.  We inform all Amphenol employees about the safe use of workplace chemicals and have in place procedures to evaluate all hazardous materials and also respond to emergencies involving hazardous materials.

We have, and will continue to provide, an environmentally sound workplace with a minimisation of all waste through:

  1. Recycling of packaging materials, and pallets, in our store / warehouse areas for dispatch of goods where possible
  2. Entering into exchange and recycling agreements with clients for return of packaging materials such as ESD fibre optic assembly vacuum form trays
  3. Entering into exchange and recycling agreements with suppliers for return of packaging materials such as plastic reels for stamped contacts
  4. Marking of own manufacture product packaging with appropriate recycling symbols at the design stage
  5. Subscribing to local recycling programs for paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium, steel and glass, and promoting such programs internally to employees
  6. Use of proper disposal methods for non-recyclable materials
  7. The use of responsible licensed contractors

Management will ensure that employees take the responsibility for protecting the environment seriously in all phases of development, manufacturing, handling, distribution, use and disposal of our products and by-products.

REACH 240 Technical Bulletin 24-02

RoHS Compliance Status – Professional Audio Products

Amphenol Australia is supportive of the requirements of the European Parliament EU Directive 2011/65/EU on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment – also more commonly known as the “RoHS Directive”. As a long term designer and manufacturer of professional audio products, Amphenol Australia has always sought to design and manufacture products with both environmental conscience while maintaining high technical standards. This is why for instance our audio ranges already feature contact electroplate finishes in pure tin, silver, nickel and gold and we have avoided lead and lead compound finishes.

At Amphenol Australia we have in place a technical group that has focused particularly on the issue of RoHS compliance as the directive covers several substances, not only lead and lead compounds.

Furthermore Amphenol Australia has implemented packaging identification with our RoHS compliance marking. These markings will be seen on our package boxes next to the identification panel as stock is dispatched.

If you have any further questions, require specific information on this topic, or require latest information on any product not listed, please feel free to contact our technical department.

RoHS Technical Bulletin 23-03

Quality Policy

Amphenol Australia Pty Ltd is certified to ISO9001. It is the policy of Amphenol Australia Pty Ltd to:

  • Ensure we meet or exceed our customers’, engineering, safety and aesthetic standards
  • Observe as an ongoing principle that “Everybody in our Company serves the Customer”
  • Maintain and improve our status as a market leader in design innovation, quality and price performance
  • Enhance our long term partnerships with our customers in order to improve product performance
  •  Cultivate our staff’s understanding of our quality responsibilities, through training, operating standards and the involvement at all levels to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Ensure that our products reflect the combined inputs from the personnel responsible for communicating the customers contractual specifications, designing the product and planning the tooling to provide economical consistent quality.  These personnel are expected to be dedicated to the principle “Make It Right The First Time”
  • Evaluate our suppliers’ Quality status to ensure they provide us with parts/materials conforming to our specifications and attain “Approved Amphenol Australia suppliers” status
  • Provide measurement and evidence that we are continuously improving our products and quality costs in response to ISO 9001 requirements using mandatory internal/external audits
  • Have the Quality Assurance Function report directly to the Managing Director. “Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility” and we ask our staff to commit to and actively support the contents of the manual and the procedures referred to, for the continuous improvement of our quality and growth as a company
  • In Conclusion: “Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility” and we ask our staff to commit to and actively support the contents of the manual and the procedures referred to, for the continuous improvement of our quality and growth as a company

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Company Principles

We are a company that offers high-grade non-polluting products at competitive prices.

We achieve this thanks to the motivation and competence of our employees.

We define quality in co-operation with our suppliers and customers.

We continuously improve our products using resource and waste reduced processes. Compliance with the legal, statutory and regulatory requirements in this respect is self-evident.

We work in a team – together we are strong! The process model and continuous im­provement are our focus.

We highly value co-operation in partnership with our suppliers and customers with fairness and as a team. This includes constructive feedback, praise and recognition.

We apply new methods and have the courage to adjust our structures to changing requirements.

We like to identify ourselves as a company with a sense of social responsibility, working also to build safe and secure workplaces for the well-being of our employees and, contributing to the conservation of our environment for us and for our children.

We know that the satisfaction of our employees and customers secures and determines our continuous growth.

We accept the new daily challenges of the market and pursue a goal of both delighting and inspiring our customers by exceeding their expectations, since that is, after all, the foundation for the commercial success and the future of our company.


Subject to all applicable laws and regulations, Amphenol Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to change specifications of any product, system or service contained on this site and downloadable PDF documentation without liability.