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Mini XLR Chassis Mounts

Amphenol’s plugs and sockets range continually expands to meet the needs of our customers. The Miniature XLR range was a natural progression from our standard XLR series as demand for smaller interconnects increased.

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Nickel Finish

Machined Contacts
3 Pole AG3MCC Drawing   3D
4 Pole AG4MCC Drawing   3D
5 Pole AG5MCC Drawing   3D
6 Pole AG6MCC Drawing   3D
Machined Contacts / Horizontal PCB
3 Pole AG3MCCH Drawing   3D
4 Pole AG4MCCH Drawing   3D
5 Pole AG5MCCH Drawing   3D
6 Pole AG6MCCH Drawing   3D

Thermoplastic Shell

Machined Contacts / Horizontal PCB
4 Pole AG4MPCH Drawing


Nickel Finish

Stamped Contacts
3 Pole AG3FCE Drawing   3D
4 Pole AG4FCE Drawing   3D
5 Pole AG5FCE Drawing   3D
6 Pole AG6FCE Drawing
Stamped Contacts / Horizontal PCB
3 Pole AG3FCCH Drawing   3D
4 Pole AG4FCCH Drawing   3D
5 Pole AG5FCCH Drawing   3D
6 Pole AG6FCCH Drawing
Stamped Contacts / Vertical PCB
3 Pole AG3FCRV Drawing   3D
4 Pole AG4FCRV Drawing
5 Pole AG5FCRV Drawing
6 Pole AG6FCRV Drawing
  • Miniature version of the standard XLR series
  • Diecast or Precision machined metal housings
  • Metal cable clamp
  • Precision machined pin contacts
  • Stamped socket contacts
  • Solder cup or Printed Circuit board contacts
  • Postive latchlock
  • Flexible cable grommet