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Cables With Connectors

The Amphe-sound Gold Series audio cables have gold plated contacts as standard. The cables are heavy duty screened and are ultra flexible. Solid pin male XLR’s come as standard. They also come in T-Series / M-Series 6.35mm plugs. Includes a reusable cable tie. Comes in a distinctive gold packaging.

*Standard product stocked in Australia

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Satin Finish

Mono 6.35mm / B
1m GD3030B001*
3m GD3030B003*
6m GD3030B006*
9m GD3030B009*
12m GD3030B012
15m GD3030B015
Mono 6.35mm / B / Right Angled
1m GD3034B001
3m GD3034B003*
6m GD3034B006*
9m GD3034B009*
12m GD3034B012
15m GD3034B015
Switchplug 6.35mm to Mono 6.35mm / B
1m GD2151B001
3m GD2151B003*
6m GD2151B006
9m GD2151B009
12m GD2151B012


Satin Finish

Stereo 6.35mm / A
0.5m GD3838A0.5*
1m GD3838A001*
2m GD3838A002*
6m GD3838A006*
Mono 6.35mm / B / Right Angled
0.3m GD3434B0.3*


Black Finish

XLR 5F to XLR 5M / D
1m GD7378D001
3m GD7378D003
5m GD7378D005
10m GD7378D010
15m GD7378D015*
20m GD7378D020
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