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Cables With Connectors

The Amphenol Professional Series are Heavy Duty screened cables which are ultra flexible and have a solid pin male XLR as standard. They also come with the T-Series / M-Series 6.35mm plugs. Include is a reusable cable tie in a distinctive blue packaging.

*Standard product stocked in Australia

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Microphone (Balanced)

Nickel Finish

XLR F to XLR M / A
1m PR0110A001*
3m PR0110A003*
6m PR0110A006*
9m PR0110A009*
12m PR0110A012*
15m PR0110A015*
20m PR0110A020*
30m PR0110A030*
XLR F to XLR M / A
1m PR0312A001
3m PR0312A003
6m PR0312A006*
9m PR0312A009
12m PR0312A012
15m PR0312A015
20m PR0312A020
30m PR0312A030
XLR F to TRS 6.35mm / A
1m PR0124A001*
3m PR0124A003*
6m PR0124A006*
9m PR0124A009*
12m PR0124A012
15m PR0124A015
20m PR0124A020
30m PR0124A030
XLR M to TRS 6.35mm / A
1m PR1024A001*
6m PR1024A006*

Microphone (Unbalanced)

Nickel Finish

XLR F to Mono 6.35mm / A
1m PR0120A001
3m PR0120A003
6m PR0120A006*
9m PR0120A009
12m PR0120A012
15m PR0120A015
20m PR0120A020
30m PR0120A030


Satin Finish

Mono 6.35mm / B
1m PR3232B001
3m PR3232B003
6m PR3232B006*
9m PR3232B009
15m PR3232B015
20m PR3232B020
30m PR3232B030

Black Finish

Switchplug 6.35mm to Mono 6.35mm / B
1m PR2151B001
3m PR2151B003*
6m PR2151B006
9m PR2151B009
15m PR2151B015
20m PR2151B020
30m PR2151B030
Switchplug 6.35mm to Mono 6.35mm / B / Right Angled
1m PR2153B001
3m PR2153B003*
6m PR2153B006
9m PR2153B009
12m PR2153B012
15m PR2153B015
20m PR2153B020
30m PR2153B030


Nickel Finish

XLR 3F to XLR 3M / D
1m PR0110D001*
3m PR0110D003*
5m PR0110D005*
10m PR0110D010*
XLR 5F to XLR 5M / D
1m PR7075D001*
3m PR7075D003*
5m PR7075D005*
10m PR7075D010*
15m PR7075D015*
20m PR7075D020*
30m PR7075D030
XLR 5F to XLR 5M / D
1m PR7277D001
3m PR7277D003
5m PR7277D005
10m PR7277D010
15m PR7277D015
20m PR7277D020
30m PR7277D030


Black Finish

SP-4 / T
3m PR9191T003
6m PR9191T006
10m PR9191T010*
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