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XLR Accessories

Colour coded boots / backshells and to assist in cable identification. Metal boots / backshells for rugged environments.

NOTE: All accessories comply with EU RoHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU. These images are for colour references only. Actual colour may vary. For exact colours, please contact your sales representative.

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Thermoplastic Backshell

AX Series / Coloured
Brown AX-BOOT-1 Drawing
Red AX-BOOT-2 Drawing
Orange AX-BOOT-3 Drawing
Yellow AX-BOOT-4 Drawing
Green AX-BOOT-5 Drawing
Blue AX-BOOT-6 Drawing
Violet AX-BOOT-7 Drawing
Grey AX-BOOT-8 Drawing
White AX-BOOT-9 Drawing
Black AX-BOOT Drawing
AC Series / Coloured
Brown AC-NUT-BRN Drawing
Red AC-NUT-RED Drawing
Orange AC-NUT-ORG Drawing
Yellow AC-NUT-YEL Drawing
Green AC-NUT-GRN Drawing
Blue AC-NUT-BLU Drawing
Violet AC-NUT-VIO Drawing
Grey AC-NUT-GRY Drawing
White AC-NUT-WHT Drawing
AC Series
Black AC-NUT-J-BLK Drawing

Metal Backshell

AC Series
Black AC-NUT-METAL Drawing